How DSOs Help Doctors Maintain Patient Volume

Patient volume will ebb and flow throughout your dental career. Many of these fluctuations are predictable, but some are not. Maintaining consistent patient volume is an essential part of creating stability and protecting profitability in your practice and your career. How can working with a DSO help doctors maintain patient volume? Keep Patients Coming Back … Continued

The Importance of Efficient Organizational Systems in a Dental Practice

Dentists have a reputation as being a little “type A.” Organized, fastidious, and detail-oriented. You’d assume that a dental office organization would be a no-brainer. Surprisingly, inefficient organization systems are the bane of many dental practices. What sorts of organization systems should you focus on when building your practice or looking for a practice to … Continued

Dentist Treatment Planning Autonomy – What to Look For

Clinical autonomy encapsulates all aspects of how you practice. From the way you interface with patients to the materials you choose for each restoration, you should be in control of clinical decisions throughout your day. However, there is no single aspect of clinical autonomy more significant than treatment planning. Without control over your treatment planning, … Continued

The Rise of Part-Time Dentist Jobs

Most of us are aware that the shape of work is changing. For many industries, work-from-home arrangements that started during COVID-19 appear to be on the way to becoming permanent. From better technology to a cultural shift with younger people joining the workforce, the old way of doing things is falling by the wayside. While … Continued

Where is Demand for Orthodontists the Highest?

Whether you choose to open your own practice, partner with a DSO, or seek an associateship, finding the perfect job starts with finding the right location. While orthodontia as a specialty has good projected growth throughout the country, the demand for orthodontists varies widely from place to place. How can you find the right location … Continued

Find a Dental Hygienist Career with Opportunities for Advancement

Overall, dental hygiene usually ranks high in terms of job satisfaction. Most surveys find that dental hygienists are happy with their careers. However, hygiene has one major drawback in terms of career trajectory: a job as a clinical hygienist is generally a terminal position. There’s not much space for vertical growth. So how can dental … Continued

What Does Job Growth for Orthodontists Look Like?

You’re probably already aware of the amazing potential of orthodontics as a specialty. Despite the extra years of schooling, the potential for a high salary and great work environment make orthodontics a highly rewarding career path. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to change lives for the better! However, any career should come with longevity … Continued

What Is a Joint Venture Dental Practice Partnership?

You may have heard the phrase “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Well, there are just as many ways to structure a dental business! From sole proprietorship to associateship, partnerships and LLCs to corporations, there are so many ways to build your dental career that it can be a bit daunting to … Continued

What Is It Like to Work in Oral Surgery at a DSO?

Oral surgery is an amazing specialty. Oral surgeons are among the most highly-trained, advanced practitioners in the dental industry. As an oral surgeon, your education goes well beyond strictly dental concerns. You have the potential to change your patients’ lives in ways other dental specialists can’t. However, operating a solo oral surgery practice can present … Continued

A Day in the Life of a Pediatric Dentist at CDP

If you love working with kids in the dental environment, you might be left wondering if specializing in pediatrics is the right move for you. Do you really need to take on the extra expense and years of schooling? Partnering with Community Dental Partners could give you the perfect opportunity to build the career you’ve … Continued

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