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Transparency in Compensation & Benefits

Transparency in Compensation & Benefits


Understand what to expect and what questions to ask when researching your compensation options.

Essential compensation questions to ask your potential employer:

  • Pay - Will you be paid off collections, production, or a set salary?
  • Fees - What fees are covered by your employer?
  • Status - Will you be an independent contractor or an employee?
  • Benefits - What benefits will you receive?
  • Benefits of a Dental Service Organization


Tiffany Green
  • Tiffany Green
  • Director of Clinical Recruiting
  • Community Dental Partners

A graduate of Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business Operations Management and Marketing and the University of Texas at Arlington’s MBA and MS Program’s Operations Management and Human Resources departments.

For over 12 years, Tiffany has been a leader within the Human Resource space by creating impact from talent management and system implementation to employee relations and training & development.

Today, Tiffany is the Director of Clinical Recruiting at Community Dental Partners. She manages the full doctor and hygienist recruiting life cycle. She leads and supports the development of CDP's new recruiting platform to create strategic brand awareness.

Tiffany lives in Texas with her family; her husband and three children. She enjoys spontaneous adventures with her family, natural wellness, living life with gratitude, and a good cup of coffee. Tiffany is excited to connect doctors and hygienists with opportunities to make fundamental tangible changes in people's lives while fulfilling her passion for making the whole world smile!

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