12 Questions to Ask When Joining a Dental Practice

For new dentists with limited experience, finding a great job placement may feel daunting. It can be difficult to sort through all your options and hone in on a practice that will provide a great start for your career. It can take a lot of questions to find a great match with a new employer. … Continued

How to Land Your Dream Job After Dental School

At the beginning of your dental school journey, it’s all about passing tests and finding placement in a program. While you’re studying, it’s easy to develop tunnel vision and just focus on getting through each assignment, each class, each hour of clinical with little thought for the future. All this hard work is preparing you … Continued

The Importance of a Dentist’s Work-Life Balance

Dentistry is an amazingly rewarding career. The first time you change someone’s life by giving them the confidence to smile again, you will know you picked a great field. However, the reality is that dentistry can also be extremely taxing, and it can be difficult to guard your personal time. That’s why finding work-life balance … Continued

Discover Dental Jobs in Texas

The state of Texas is known for many things. One might picture wide open grasslands, the Lone Star, and barbecue. Sure, Texas has all of those things, but Texas is so much more than that. Discover why Texas is growing so fast, and why dental jobs in Texas, whether for dentists, hygienists, or anyone in … Continued

How to Create a Positive Dental Office Culture and Avoid Burnout

Maintaining a positive dental office culture is an essential aspect of building a successful practice. Your patients’ experience in your office has everything to do with you and your staff’s mood. If you, your clinicians, and your support staff are feeling overworked, unheard, and burnt out, your patients will notice! Not only that, but a … Continued

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