How DSOs Help Doctors Maintain Patient Volume

Patient volume will ebb and flow throughout your dental career. Many of these fluctuations are predictable, but some are not. Maintaining consistent patient volume is an essential part of creating stability and protecting profitability in your practice and your career. How can working with a DSO help doctors maintain patient volume? Keep Patients Coming Back … Continued

The Importance of Efficient Organizational Systems in a Dental Practice

Dentists have a reputation as being a little “type A.” Organized, fastidious, and detail-oriented. You’d assume that a dental office organization would be a no-brainer. Surprisingly, inefficient organization systems are the bane of many dental practices. What sorts of organization systems should you focus on when building your practice or looking for a practice to … Continued

Dentist Treatment Planning Autonomy – What to Look For

Clinical autonomy encapsulates all aspects of how you practice. From the way you interface with patients to the materials you choose for each restoration, you should be in control of clinical decisions throughout your day. However, there is no single aspect of clinical autonomy more significant than treatment planning. Without control over your treatment planning, … Continued

The Rise of Part-Time Dentist Jobs

Most of us are aware that the shape of work is changing. For many industries, work-from-home arrangements that started during COVID-19 appear to be on the way to becoming permanent. From better technology to a cultural shift with younger people joining the workforce, the old way of doing things is falling by the wayside. While … Continued

Low Patient Volume Has an Impact on Your Bottom Line

The success of any dental practice depends on patients. But patient volume can vary widely from month to month and year to year. Recently, dentists across the country have noticed marked changes in the flow of patients through their doors. Low patient volume can impact your bottom line—both for your business and for your salary! … Continued

The Importance of Clinical Autonomy for Dentists

Autonomy is one of the keystones of good clinical practice. Protecting autonomy means ensuring all treatment decisions are made with a full understanding of all potential options without feeling cornered or coerced. However, autonomy is just as important for dentists as it is for patients! Be sure you understand what factors might stand in the … Continued

CDP’s 2022 Humanitarian Trip to Mérida

For CDP dentists across Texas, summer means enjoying the full variety of everything our state has to offer. What could be better than hiking, kayaking, or surfing to celebrate a Texan summer? For many of our dentists, summer also means a life-changing opportunity to provide volunteer dental support to underserved patients abroad. Our 2022 Humanitarian … Continued

12 Questions to Ask When Joining a Dental Practice

For new dentists with limited experience, finding a great job placement may feel daunting. It can be difficult to sort through all your options and hone in on a practice that will provide a great start for your career. It can take a lot of questions to find a great match with a new employer. … Continued

10 Essential Skills for Dentists at CDP

Here at Community Dental Partners, we are looking to build teams of energetic clinicians with positive attitudes and great technical skills. Most importantly, we are looking for doctors who understand what it takes to be true leaders, both in their immediate practice and in the industry at large. Check out these 10 essential skills for … Continued

How to Find a Job as a Dentist

Starting a job search can feel daunting at first. You may feel overwhelmed with options, and yet it may seem like finding the perfect position will be impossible. Breaking down the process into bitesize steps is a great way to approach the task. Check out these great tips to help you find a job as … Continued

Attention General Dentists! CDP is offering up to a $50k sign-on bonus for select locations!