The Rise of Part-Time Dentist Jobs

Most of us are aware that the shape of work is changing. For many industries, work-from-home arrangements that started during COVID-19 appear to be on the way to becoming permanent. From better technology to a cultural shift with younger people joining the workforce, the old way of doing things is falling by the wayside. While … Continued

The Importance of Clinical Autonomy for Dentists

Autonomy is one of the keystones of good clinical practice. Protecting autonomy means ensuring all treatment decisions are made with a full understanding of all potential options without feeling cornered or coerced. However, autonomy is just as important for dentists as it is for patients! Be sure you understand what factors might stand in the … Continued

What Is It Like to Work in Oral Surgery at a DSO?

Oral surgery is an amazing specialty. Oral surgeons are among the most highly-trained, advanced practitioners in the dental industry. As an oral surgeon, your education goes well beyond strictly dental concerns. You have the potential to change your patients’ lives in ways other dental specialists can’t. However, operating a solo oral surgery practice can present … Continued

4 Things to Know About Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Jobs

For soon-to-be or recent dental school grads with aspirations beyond the typical scope of most dental specialties, oral and maxillofacial surgery jobs (OMFS) might be an enticing prospect. Many people associate OMFS with routine surgical interventions like wisdom tooth extractions that can’t be handled in a general dental environment. While extractions can certainly be a … Continued

What Does a Pediatric Dentist’s Work Environment Look Like?

Pediatric dentistry can be a great career choice for many reasons. Beyond the potential financial benefits and job security that come with pediatrics as a specialty, many dentists are attracted to what they assume will be a fun, easy work environment. But what does a pediatric dentist’s work environment really look like? Working with Kids … Continued

6 Important Skills for Being a Pediatric Dentist

Your dental school education will prepare you to work with kids. Many general dentists go into family practice and split their time between adults and pediatric patients, making for a great mix throughout the day. However, if your pediatric rotation called to you, you might want to consider specializing. Here is a run-down of the … Continued

How to Become a Pediatric Dentist

Have you considered pediatrics as a career path? Working with kids can be an intimidating prospect for some inexperienced dentists. Regardless of whether you pursue a pediatric specialty or choose a path in family dentistry, it is unlikely you will go your entire career without treating any kids. However, for some new dentists, working with … Continued

10 Essential Skills for Dentists at CDP

Here at Community Dental Partners, we are looking to build teams of energetic clinicians with positive attitudes and great technical skills. Most importantly, we are looking for doctors who understand what it takes to be true leaders, both in their immediate practice and in the industry at large. Check out these 10 essential skills for … Continued

Why Pediatric Dentistry Is a Great Career Choice

Dentistry offers a wide variety of potential work experiences, which depend mostly on your choice of specialty. During your dental school program, you’ll have the opportunity to try out several potential areas of concentration. For many dental students, their pediatric rotation will stand out, for better or for worse. Whatever you do, don’t dismiss its … Continued

What’s It Like to Be a Dental Volunteer Abroad?

You may have many opportunities to volunteer through your pre-dental or dental school program, and we highly recommend taking advantage of them. However, you don’t need to stop after graduation! Becoming a dental volunteer abroad can enrich your passion for the field and deepen your skills as a clinician. You’ll Get Amazing Dental Experience Volunteering … Continued

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