The Importance of Efficient Organizational Systems in a Dental Practice

Dentists have a reputation as being a little “type A.” Organized, fastidious, and detail-oriented. You’d assume that a dental office organization would be a no-brainer. Surprisingly, inefficient organization systems are the bane of many dental practices. What sorts of organization systems should you focus on when building your practice or looking for a practice to … Continued

CDP’s 2022 Humanitarian Trip to Mérida

For CDP dentists across Texas, summer means enjoying the full variety of everything our state has to offer. What could be better than hiking, kayaking, or surfing to celebrate a Texan summer? For many of our dentists, summer also means a life-changing opportunity to provide volunteer dental support to underserved patients abroad. Our 2022 Humanitarian … Continued

How to Find a Job as a Dentist

Starting a job search can feel daunting at first. You may feel overwhelmed with options, and yet it may seem like finding the perfect position will be impossible. Breaking down the process into bitesize steps is a great way to approach the task. Check out these great tips to help you find a job as … Continued

Life After Dental School: How to Jumpstart Your Dental Career

Whether you’re a 4th-year dental student trying to get your ducks in a row before boards or a recent grad ready to take on your next chapter in life, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for life after dental school. Dental school can be one of the most exhausting and enriching experiences. The transition … Continued

Texas: One of the Best States for Dentists

You’ve finished school, passed your boards, and you’re finally ready to hang out your credentials and get to work. But where is the best place in the US to work as a dentist? Many states have great appeal for a variety of reasons but be sure to weigh all the pros and cons before setting … Continued

Five Things to Consider When Joining a Dental Support Organization

Dental Support Organizations, also known as Dental Service Organizations, have the potential to empower dentists to build the life and career they dream of. Joining a DSO can free you to focus on your patients fully with a team behind you to manage the business side of things. However, we’ve said it before, and we’ll … Continued

Smiles & Dental Careers are Bigger in Texas

It can be difficult to decide where to settle down and start your career, or to make the decision to move for a new career opportunity. There are several reasons why you may choose one location or another. We chose to begin our operations in Texas because we saw a need in our communities here. … Continued

7 Tips to Ace Your Dentist Job Interview

If you’re looking for your first dental job, you’re no stranger to interviews. Getting into dental school, competing for placement in your specialty program, applying for your residency; you’ve been through plenty of interviews. However, applying for a new job as a dentist, whether it’s your first job in the field or a change of … Continued

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