The Importance of Clinical Autonomy for Dentists

Autonomy is one of the keystones of good clinical practice. Protecting autonomy means ensuring all treatment decisions are made with a full understanding of all potential options without feeling cornered or coerced. However, autonomy is just as important for dentists as it is for patients! Be sure you understand what factors might stand in the … Continued

CDP’s 2022 Humanitarian Trip to Mérida

For CDP dentists across Texas, summer means enjoying the full variety of everything our state has to offer. What could be better than hiking, kayaking, or surfing to celebrate a Texan summer? For many of our dentists, summer also means a life-changing opportunity to provide volunteer dental support to underserved patients abroad. Our 2022 Humanitarian … Continued

Why Your Spouse Should Be Involved in the Dental Hiring Process

On any job search, there are many factors to consider. You’ve got to weigh your options carefully and take into account everything from location to practice type. However, if you’ve got a spouse or long-term partner, you’re not making the decision on your own. As you move through a job search at the beginning of … Continued

Where Are Dentists Needed the Most?

Choosing your location is one of the most important decisions you will need to make in your career. But what if your dream location already has plenty of dentists and there’s no patient pool waiting for you? What if the area needs dentists, but patients are unwilling or unable to seek dental treatment even if … Continued

Advanced Dental Training: You Have Options!

Dental school prepares you for a lot. Clinicals give you enough repetition of the most common procedures to give you a solid foundation to transition into practice. However, there will still be gaps between school and work. It can be a struggle to find your sea legs once you join the workforce as a dentist. … Continued

How Can Dentists Build a Career They Love?

Dentistry has the potential to be an amazing career. Not only does it offer the prospect for a great income, but it can also give your life more profound meaning. We are not exaggerating when we say dentists have the potential to change lives. The first time you help rehabilitate someone’s smile and see how … Continued

Should You Pursue AEGD or GPR After Dental School?

As you approach graduation, you will need to decide your next steps into your new career. You may want to jump into the workplace, in which case read our previous post for a guide on finding your ideal practice. On the other hand, many new graduates choose to seek out a post-doctoral training program instead. … Continued

The Importance of a Dentist’s Work-Life Balance

Dentistry is an amazingly rewarding career. The first time you change someone’s life by giving them the confidence to smile again, you will know you picked a great field. However, the reality is that dentistry can also be extremely taxing, and it can be difficult to guard your personal time. That’s why finding work-life balance … Continued

How to Create a Positive Dental Office Culture and Avoid Burnout

Maintaining a positive dental office culture is an essential aspect of building a successful practice. Your patients’ experience in your office has everything to do with you and your staff’s mood. If you, your clinicians, and your support staff are feeling overworked, unheard, and burnt out, your patients will notice! Not only that, but a … Continued

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