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What Is It Like to Work for a Dental Support Organization?

Dental Career

What Is It Like to Work for a Dental Support Organization?

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Finding the right fit in a workplace can be challenging, especially for dentists. Your working environment can affect how you operate and interact with patients. You may consider many options to find the right fit, including private practice, corporate franchise, or Dental Support Organization (DSO). Whether you’re looking for your first job as a dentist or considering a change of pace, working for a DSO could be just what you need. But before you commit, you may want to know what working for a Dental Support Organization is like.

Every DSO Is Different. Make Sure You Find a Good One!

The term DSO does not describe one specific working experience. It’s a broad umbrella term that applies to various group dental practice business models and can even apply to corporate practices. As with any business, different organizations have different cultures and work environments. The important thing is to do your due diligence and find a DSO with a mission and culture that gels with you.

Philosophy of Care

The most important thing to consider when seeking a potential DSO to work with is whether their philosophy of care aligns with yours. This cornerstone of their practice philosophy will determine many others. Do they take a patient-first approach, or are they more interested in the numbers game? 

Any DSO that sets quotas for specific types of treatment is throwing a potentially huge red flag your way. While profit-driven practices may be able to offer tempting salaries, they often come with undesirable conditions. You may find yourself in questionable ethical territory regarding treatment planning if you’re thinking about how many crowns you still owe the practice that month rather than what your patient truly needs. Profit-oriented practices often leave dentists feeling overworked and burnt out as well. When it’s all about cranking out as much production in as little time as possible, the quality of your time may start to suffer. 

Fortunately, plenty of awesome DSOs don’t put production above patient experience. CDP has worked hard to build our business on a patient-first philosophy. Everything we do, we do with the patient’s experience in mind. That’s why we’ve built a culture emphasizing balance, honesty, communication, and compassion. We want every aspect of the practices we partner with to give our patients a feeling of warmth, comfort, and respect. A positive dental office environment ensures our patients get terrific experiences that will keep them returning, which means we can help them achieve better health!

CDP has worked hard to build our business on a patient-first philosophy.

How They Treat Patients Translates to How They Treat Doctors

Our philosophy of care keeps us focused on providing the best for our patients. That means the highest-quality treatments and full transparency about why we recommend them. Doctors who partner with CDP retain their clinical autonomy, regardless of whether they’re practice owners or employees. We value our patients’ faith in us and work hard to earn and maintain their trust. Avoiding things like quotas and treatment upselling goes hand in hand with our culture and philosophy of care.

It’s also how we provide excellent work experiences for our team members! We want our doctors to enjoy a long and fulfilling career. Staying energized, enthusiastic, and, most importantly, uninjured can be tricky for a dental clinician. The same culture that gives patients a terrific experience in our practices gives our doctors the positive dental office environment they need to stay at the top of their game.

Nobody can do their best work if they’re miserable. We can ensure you get the free time to pursue your passions by offering flexibility with part-time and full-time positions. By providing ownership tracks, we can support you in your long-term goals. By delivering outstanding salaries and benefits packages, we can help you manage the financial stress that can become a distraction. We’ve invested in every possible avenue to improve your work experience with CDP.

It’s All About What We Can Do, So You Don’t Have To

There are many factors to consider when it comes to your work environment. Friction between team members, a high-stress vibe, lack of clinical autonomy, and even poor management when restocking the supply closet can all make for unpleasant work conditions. We’re dedicated to keeping every aspect of your workplace flowing. You won’t be running around putting out fires all day.

When you think about the experience of working with a DSO, it’s all about what you won’t have to worry about. In fact, that’s one of the best parts of partnering with CDP! We take those tasks off your plate. Having the support of a company behind you means you won’t have to worry about day-to-day admin and can focus entirely on being the best dental professional you can be.

Partnering with an outstanding DSO means more mental bandwidth to focus on treatment planning, patient interactions, anxiety management for your patients with dental phobia, continuing education to broaden your scope of practice, and so on. That makes it easier to find flow in your workday and enjoy your time at the office. It also benefits the success of your practice. Instead of struggling to juggle admin plus clinical aspects of your job, you can hand over the reins to administrative experts. Marketing professionals to help maintain patient volume, concierge specialists to keep your schedule full, and a host of professionals specifically trained in the tasks that can be a drain on your time as a doctor.

CDP simplifies the work dentists do in their day-to-day routine by providing support staff.

Not to belabor the point, but this is also part of our patient-first philosophy! Nobody wants a distracted dentist handling their full-mouth rehab. Working alongside a well-run DSO means you won’t have the constant background distractions of running a business. We’ll take care of HR, scheduling, ordering supplies, maintaining equipment, and all the other stuff that can distract you from focusing entirely on your patients. That means a better workday for you and a better experience in the chair for them.

Working for a DSO Can Come with Fabulous Perks!

Okay, so CDP can take a lot off your plate. But what do we bring to the table? So many unique perks come with your role as a CDP doctor. Obviously, our payment structure and benefits packages are nothing to brush aside! We aim to set you up for success by covering the cost of certain continuing education credits. We offer health benefits, even for part-time employees, so you won’t have to worry about healthcare while enjoying a schedule that works for you. For our travel providers, we provide compensation for travel expenses and hotels. Whatever your ideal situation, we’re here to help it work for you!

Our culture sets us apart beyond the many financial and practical perks. Those nine pillars of our practice philosophy aren’t just empty words. It’s how we cultivate teams that really click and grow together. That focus on creating excellent team dynamics starts before your first working day at CDP. Our humanitarian outreach trips guarantee growth experiences for the team as part of your onboarding process. 

We also take an annual clinical retreat to keep those strong bonds where our dentists and hygienists can bring their spouses for a fantastic getaway. We do some learning (with CE credits, of course!), but it’s really about enjoying our time together. This is where our doctors can meet and spend time together, give us feedback on their experiences, and get rewards for their achievements. Those pillars for Happiness and Fun, Gratitude, and Balance? Trips like our Humanitarian Outreach and Clinical Retreat are just one of the ways we put those values into practice! Schedule a call with a Hiring Manager to find out more about how great your experience working with CDP could be!

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Dr. Craig Copeland
Dr. Craig Copeland Chief Dental Officer Community Dental Partners

A graduate of Brigham Young University’s Business Finance department and the University of Florida’s College of Dentistry, Dr. Craig Copeland, DMD first joined Community Dental Partners in 2010 after Co-Founder, Dr. Chad Evans invited him to an interview.

He instantly fell in love with CDP’s mission to elevate dentistry, make excellent dental care accessible, and provide unique and unforgettable experiences for underserved communities. The organization’s culture aligned with his beliefs, and he knew that CDP would offer him the ideal environment to grow.

Today, Dr. Copeland is the Chief Dental Officer of CDP and focuses on helping CDP’s doctors exceed in their careers through mentorship, training, and strengthening CDP’s support systems.

Dr. Copeland lives in Texas with his family, his wife and four children. He’s an avid sports fan; supporting his children in activities such as basketball, gymnastics, and soccer keeps him busy. He also likes to travel to new places with his family whenever possible.

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